In the middle of the vibrant and popular heart of Paris, where market gardeners, bourgeois and shopkeepers lived and crossed paths, the Rue Bergère has a strong cultural and culinary heritage. At the corner of the peaceful Cité Rougemont, this is where the restaurant Passionné has just opened its doors. Evolving throughout the day, it is the ideal spot to sit and chat while the neighborhood comes alive at lunchtime.
When night falls, it immerses its visitors into a hushed atmosphere for intimate dinners. With interior designer Kuniko Takano at the helm, the decor is minimalist, with a bar of midnight blue mosaics, walls in dark colors, and sleek furniture and lighting. A refined cocoon that also includes a table d'hôte facing the open kitchen, but also another hidden table that can accommodate 8 guests.
A new confidential address where French gastronomy is sublimated every day according to the chef's desires.


"My strong attachment to French cuisine comes from my mother. I grew up in Japan, on a land located at the same latitude as France, rich in vegetables and other roots. When I decided to make it my profession, I started in a 5 star hotel to learn the basics. I then developed an immoderate respect for small producers and their products that I like to work with, in their entirety, down to the root, to the bone. This anti-waste approach is common to the French culture and to my Japanese origins. I cook with all my heart, in that sense, you could say I'm really passionate."

This is how Chef Satoshi Horiuchi explains his culinary philosophy. Passionné, he is!
After starting out in the high-end restaurant business at the 5-star Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa in Japan, Chef Satoshi Horiuchi moved to France and fell in love with French gastronomy. He immerses himself in this traditional French cuisine in the kitchens of the bistronomic restaurant Le Cornichon, an award-winning restaurant named best bistro in 2013. This address, which offers classic French cuisine, tasty and delicious, allows him to quickly acquire the techniques and knowledge of French chefs. He continues his apprenticeship and the development of his culinary talents at the restaurant that is listed in the Michelin Guide and is located near the Eiffel Tower, Au Bon Accueil, and offers a refined but modern cuisine, with a touch of originality and emphasis on taste and quality of products. In his early thirties, he now shares his gastronomic creativity behind the open kitchen of the restaurant Passionné.


With a choice of a seven-step "carte blanche" menu, but also a second "à la carte" menu, he assumes his strong penchant for seasonal vegetables (but not only).