At Restaurant Passionné, we work in the kitchen to offer you a cuisine steeped in poetry by revisiting traditional French recipes. On the menu, gastronomic dishes based on modernity, generosity and quality!
This new gastronomic restaurant invites you to a sweet and sunny interlude in the heart of the 9th district, a few minutes away from the monument of the Comptoir National d'Escompte de Paris. Offering a high level cuisine, elegance and refinement are the key words of our new Parisian restaurant.
On the plate? Roasted veal filet mignon flavored with thyme and garlic, braised beef cheek, redfish filet meunière or roasted yellow chicken supreme... Refined and delicate dishes using products as diverse as they are surprising. The culinary journey unfolds through a menu for lunch and dinner mixing starters, main courses and desserts with tasty associations and delicate flavors, as well as a carte blanche menu in 5 or 7 steps for the most gastronomic enthusiasts. Cooking, textures, temperatures, at our place, haute cuisine never ceases to reinvent itself in order to delight and surprise the taste buds of the whole of Paris and of tourists from all over the world.
Our French cuisine, with its perfect balance between excellence and humility, will continue to surprise you. We also offer an elitist selection of sweets with poetic titles such as chocolate terrine, apple compote and Bourbon vanilla ice cream, coffee mousse alley, mascarpone cream, and coconut blancmange, fresh mango with lime zest... A true culinary epic associated with the noblest products.

Are you ready to discover the art of passionate tableware with sublimated flavors?

Reserve your table now at rue Bergère, Paris, for an outstanding gastronomic stop combining delicacy and inventiveness.